1964 FORD

Serial #
Purchase date:  

Years built: 1964
Engine: Inline-6 223c.i.
Trans: 3 on the tree


Brief history:
We purchased this truck
from the 2nd Owner.
The original owner
purchased the truck new
in 1964 and kept it until
1999 when the 2nd
Owner bought it.

The 2nd Owners gives
us some history on the
"It was bought new in
1964 by Fred M.,
now a semi-retired
pharmacist, residing in
Gastonia, NC

He courted his wife,
Kay, (who I worked with
at the Schiele Museum
in Gastonia) while she
was in college, I think at
Chapel Hill. He drove it
as his primary vehicle
until 1994, when he
finally bought a new
Ford truck. He hauled
livestock in it and took
his family camping in it.
It was painted by hand
on three different
occasions, twice by
"Crazy Charlie" and
once by "Preacher
Willie". The steel cage
was custom made by a
Gastonia welder, whose
name I have forgotten. I
owned it since the
Spring of 1999, and I
moved my entire
household in it twice
(multiple trips, of
course) and a sizable
chunk of my household
a third time. In
December of 2005, a
neighbor cut a big old
oak down, and I used
the truck to haul three
loads of wood (which I
spent the next year and
a half splitting with a
maul!). I also used it as
my backup vehicle a
few times, driving
thirteen miles round trip
to work and home. It
never failed me, and it
was always interesting
to come out of work at
my fancy South Park
store and find a BMW, a
Lexus, or a Mercedes
parked next to it. I
wonder what people
thought. Probably that
some farmer had struck
oil shootin at some food
and come to the big
Anyway, I'll be watching
the restoration to see
how it turns out. Take
care, Jonathan"

This truck will be
treated to a restoration
back to it's original glory
but we currently have a
couple in line ahead of
Rusty Bucks Ranch
restoration of a
1964 Ford F-100

64 F-100
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